31 Oct

Amla fruit pulp

Natural Amla pulp of best quality raw materials from Uttar Pradesh, Haryana & Rajasthan, obtained from sound and mature fruit of Banarasi, Chakaiya variety, handpicked to make finest amla pulp. 100% natural product, contains no sweeteners or additives, pasteurized, concentrated and aseptically packed.

Packaging: Packed in aseptic pouches filled bag-in-drum type containers. Bag is placed in clean metal open top drum. Each drum with label indicating: product name, batch number, drum number, production date, expiry date and net weight.

Product Specifications Approximate average values
Measured @20ºC Single strength
Percentage of Total Dissolved Solids (º Brix) 12
PH 3.6-4.0


Shelf life & Storage: Best used within 24 months from manufacturing date. Stored at room temperature.